Saturday, March 7, 2009

An elaborate lady

I took this from Yaƫl

Wings! Not the band

fantasy stuff

Another attempt at a style

Snape, maybe?

I might have been listening to harry potter when I did this

shadow work

a lady with a scarf

working on hirgher detailed stuff

a satre

I think I spelled that wrong but I want to finish it

a samurai

a liked how his face turned out


I'm not sure if he's running or not


still working on clothes


tough drawing day

I did not like this page one bit

new normals

a comic idea I'm kicking around

a magician

two girls a guy and thing

i liked the way I drew the hand and needed something to go in it so he got that

more lady doodles and some old guy

a couple of guys

lady doodles

fantasy brains

fairy lady

she has wings trust me

demon lady

more character designs

i couldn't draw today

a spy

he spies

cthulhu and some dude with glasses

this was a strange day

a guy with a scarf

trying to work on characters with clothes

3ages 1 character

First comic try inks