Saturday, June 20, 2015

H.P.Lovable Watercolors

As I mentioned in the previous post I worked some watercolors up for the H.P.Lovable designs. I really like how most of them came out. I think some might actually be worth putting on a t-shirt if I can find a decent service. I'll be sure to post about it if I do but for now, here are the finals so far.

Apologies for the baby-ized English, I'll probably change this on the final versions, except for the Cthulhu quote (that one I like).

"In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dweaming."
"Remember, that dawk world of fungoid gawdens an' windowwess cities isn't weawy terwible."
Deep One
"In that laiw of the Deep Ones we shaow dwell amidst wondewr an' glowry fowevewr."
Old One
"Radiates, vegetabews, monstwostities, staw-spawn-whateverw they had been, they werwe men!"
"Can you fancy a squatting of namewess dog-wike things in a chawchyawd teaching a smawl chiwd how to feed wike themsewves?"



Saw some incredibly crazy cute drawings some time ago and thought, hey why not take some Mythos creatures and cute them up a bit. To be honest I didn't come up with the name, that was my lovely wife. I think once the series is done I'll throw the designs on some t-shirts if the designs are good enough.
The first one  was just a quick once over of the big guy (Cthulhu), a mi-go, and some tests for a Deep One. I always like drawing deep ones and didn't love any of the designs I came up with on the first pass. Per this I decided to fool around and refine it a bit.
I finally came up with one that is fairly close to the final design on the bottom left corner, but it looked a little too...I don't know, derpy I guess.

 I pushed the Cthulhu design a little bit and finalized the deep one. The mi-go seemed solid so I left it as is and tried for an old one and a ghoul. I don't love the ghoul but that's sort of a tough one to crack. I'm not sure why but I felt like the shapes are too irregular. The old one looked ok though.
Another group of refining the design. Cthulhu looks good here as does the deep one. The Ghoul is closer but not completely done but I did include a couple of penguins. If you have read the Mountains of Madness you'll know why :).

This last group was just meant to play with the designs using a more sketchy and heavy brush line. I really love throwing lots of black ink on a page and this was more just to have some fun than anything. I'll post my watercolor results next.