Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Witch Girl

This was a strange one, I really like how creepy it actually came out.

One more deep one?

"Lady" in the water

Kind of just came up with this one, not sure where from.

Lets finish up with the ghouls shall we?

These two were quick attempts at making them more dynamic
These ghouls come from the three who aided Randolf Carter in the "Dream Quest of the Unknown Kaddath" they have a bit more of the dog-like appearance in Lovecraft's description.
I really think this is closer to what the correct interpretation is for these creatures, more gaunt and gravelike.

This is my most recent and I think most successful, I thought they should look more weak and not necessarily subhuman but a different order of intelligence. In "Pickman's Model" they sound a bit too evil but in the "Dream Quest of the Unknown Kaddath" they are horrific but also much more benign.

Obed Marsh's grandson again

This ones a little more clean, by which I mean it's not scratched to hell and back with a pen.

A lady and a group of Ghouls

Not sure where I drew the lady from actually but the ghouls are from a painting in Pickman's model taking place in a subway.

A Shoggoth and a Ghoul

From the "Mountains of Madness" and "Pickman's Model"


Just one of his thousand forms.

Great Cthulhu Awakes in R'lyeh and Obed Marsh's Grandson

From "The Call of Cthulhu" and "The Shadow over Innsmouth" respectively.

Work Doodles

While I had some spare moments I drew these

Work Doodles

While I had some spare moments I drew these


My lovely girlfriend loaned me a copy of "The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West" and "Son of a Witch", both of which I read within a few days and neither of which I am sure that I liked or disliked. I did like this drawing though.

Yet another Deep One

I like the action lines

Barbarians and Elder Horrors

Faces and MARKERS

Cthulhu's stone idol

The Stone Idol from "The Call of Cthulhu".

Bears 1 and 2

So my younger brother asked me to work on a tattoo design forever ago involving bears. I have drawn a simply stupid number of bears and I do not think I have it yet but they are getting there.

Sharp teeth on a pretty lady

I like the way the dress came out in particular.

Doodle from the bus

The best way to avoid strangers on the bus for me is to look busy so this was the result of one of these attempts. Also, SHOULDERS again.

Shoulders are fun to draw

I've always liked drawing shoulders but markers make it simple to add tone

Another lady doodle

A man and his cat

I dunno there are just so many cats around my neighborhood it's kind of tough not wanting one..

Ghoul ver.001

OK so this was the first attempt of many that I tried to get what I thought a ghoul from "Pickman's Model" might look like. Not My favorite but they get better. Actually I think its a bit more like the Windego..

Loa Orin

Publish Post
My Star Wars character in the games night, she's a rogue and also dead now. Apparently you never screw with both Boba Fett and Jabba the Hut at the same time, even if you have 5 people in your group.

Hair a lady and markers

I wanted to start using more tone in my sketchbooks

Yael told me I'm getting better at torsos when she saw this , not all that bad actually although it could have been a little better...

Horns and a Ladies arm

More deep ones all in pen

Future Uniform

I really like the bits on the arms and the collar, maybe more later

Wow, a long break between updates

OK so its been a while, and rather than go through my sketch pads for the past year and pull everything and adjust each image, I've chosen just to skim the images from a couple of pads. Lots of H.P. Lovecraft reading this year and as a consequence most of the images are bits of my visions from the mythos, along with some other fairly random doodles and imaginings. So into the void I send these pictures.