Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Favorite Skin Tree

Inspired by a short story I heard on Escape Pod


Another old comic idea Ive been rethinking

Ki Rin

Inspired by another Drabblecast Christmas story

Pickman Again

Pickman from Pickmans model

Jackie likes to knit!

Don't know who the stern lady is though

old comic Idea I've been kicking around

If you know me you might know who this is

Hippi Witch

Storm Man and the Stormbreaker

This was from a story played on the Drabblecast

Gimp Kitty

Jackie and her sister Susan have a cat, Jenny. A few weeks ago something happened to it, I believe the going theory is she fell and landed on her tail. These were drawn while she was a gimp kitty and her tail was busted up for a little bit.

Cure the Sicky!

So I got super sick with a cold and my beautiful girlfriend Jackie helped nurse me back to health.

Lovecraft Stuff

This includes, some Shoggoths, Old Ones, a Star Born Cthuloid, and a Mi-go.

Bird+Cat= this


So I've been working on drawing birds and polar bears alot, I can't really explain entirely why but I feel like I should.

Doodles Again!


Snake Ladies

Inspired by a story in the drabblecast called Scales

Another Hiro Protagonist

For my money Snow Crash is one of the best cyberpunk novels ever

sooo another long gap between posts

Lets start with some doodles