Saturday, February 18, 2012

Elisabeth Concept 1.5

Here's a quick raw scan of Eli's concept slightly reworked, not sure which direction to go with this one.. I like this version but it still doesn't feel quite right.

Painted Deep One

Had fun doing this one! Colored version came out pretty ok!

Blue Goblin

Mostly Just a dolled up colored version of a doodle I did for a goblin-y creature. Fun stuff but didn't quite come out how I hoped it would, I may paint it again.

Another Deep One Rough

Sort of based this one off of Dunkleosteus rather than Deep Sea creatures I've used in the past. Watch for the Colored version!

Elisabeth Concept

A concept character design for a kids story I'm trying to write. Based mostly off my little sister I think.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Foglet and it's partner

Another man and his foglet partner.

The Swamp Father and Swamp Mother

Fairy Folk from the old world

Quick self portrait

Quick urban runner in the near future

Foglet tattoo concept doodles

I have a story idea involving people getting their own assistants in the form of personal foglets that spend their inactive time as glowing tattoos.

Deep One

Kind of inspired by the BPRDs run of war on frogs, if you haven't read it and dig spooky comics it's a fun read.



Drew this after watching Destination Truth on Netflix, why do all the found Chupacabras down in the south look like normal animals with mange? Could it be that they are just animals with mange? Nah.

Fire lady and her cat

The Deer Thing

I drew this imagining a monstrous deer that walks in the winter and sleeps through the summer months dreaming terrible dreams.

More Blasphemous Fishmen from Innsmouth

Skin Trees sketches

More Skin Trees due to my re-listening to the Escape Pods short story reading of The Notebook of my favorite skin trees --

Raw scan of quick doodle


An over the shoulder of my beautiful fiance <3

Abdul al Hazred doodles