Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jackie and The Biters

Something cutesie for a change :). This is my wife with her childhood cat "Biters" or "Night Biters". Felt like jumping over to illustrator for a quick cutie drawin', all vector, might bring it into photoshop for a touchup but we'll see how I feel later on.

Inner Harbor Deep One Final Painting

After spending a bit more time with it I think this is the last time I'll touch it. Overall I think it came out pretty good but to be honest I kind of feel like I've drawn enough of these fishguys  for a while. Next entry will be CUTE. Super Promise, (better than my normal promise, for realzies).

Friday, April 26, 2013

Inner Harbor Deep One repaint in process

Thought I'd come back to this guy and give him a repaint. He's not done but he's coming along

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ink tests, Forest Watcher and a lady

I did these a while back as an ink test. It had been a while since I had last used sumi-e ink and thought I'd give it another go. The first one is just a cartoon sketch I had kicking around and the second is my Forest Watcher. I have always liked sumi-e ink and think the test worked out well. Thoughts?

Deep One, the inner harbor

I drew and painted this guy earlier in the week; not sure if it's done or not. I may yet go back and work on it again later today or tomorrow but for now I like where its at. It was a quick one but not necessarily a bad one.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Robot

Had this one hanging about for a while and decided to go ahead and paint it up. He is going to mars though, for sure.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Humming Bird Vector Character Concepts

I did these for use in an html5 game I'm currently working on. Eventually they will be animated with the wings flapping and implemented in the game with other art assets I make. I will post the game or a link to it in here once it's up and running, but this might be a little while. In the meantime, enjoy these, all done in illustrator and are completely vector. Overall I rather like the way they came out, and they are a bit more cartoonie than my last attempt.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Monster Fairy: Painted

This is another one of the sketches I am pulling from the archive that I feel like deserve a good  coat of paint in photoshop.  I like the way it came out and hope to do more of these, not sure if I want to make this a bit more cartoonie but I guess I can leave this guy as is and come up with something else for inclusion into a children's story. In the meantime, how's he look? I thought at the beginning I would make him a tooth fairy but now I think he would be more along the lines of a skin fairy. You know, taking children's skins and leaving a quarter or something under their pillows. Hrm.... That seems a little dark, eye fairy instead maybe?

Ellie: in Progress Painting

I am currently digging through my sketches I already have up here and giving them a coat of paint in photoshop. This one is an in progress version of Ellie, a character from one of my kiddie stories I haven't really fleshed out all that well yet. I liked the pose and since I posted it on this blog a while back I have wanted to give it a good coloring. Not terrible but it does need some work, maybe after I redo my website, again... By the way, anyone interested in a website? I make em and I work on the cheaps! Well, on the reasonable :p.