Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"Care To Compete" Logo Design Process

Hey all, it's been a while since my last post. Fear not, I am still drawing everyday, but I have not posted here as most of my projects are in flux at the moment. Also, there are a few I am keeping a bit close to the vest until completion.
In the meantime I would like to show you a little graphic design project I took on recently for a new golf charity business, Care To Compete. When I started, I was given this proposal to go off of:
This was an interesting design but I thought it could use a bit of work. My client gave me some latitude to play around as long as I maintained the essential parts. These being: two C's, a T as a golf t, and the earth. As you might imagine I had quite a lot of fun pushing vertexes around in illustrator. I wanted to provide a few options for review, some which maintained the original shape and others which I thought kept the essentials but pushed towards a softer and more elegant solution.
 My clients liked one of the new designs. This was the third from the bottom on the right, but requested a few revisions. These were fairly simple and I provided them with a some options to go with for the final review and changes.The results of the revisions are below.
The notes came back for the final alterations. The requests were: the shading on the globe on 9, the colors on 7, and the shading around the globe on 5 to be applied to the rest of the design. The results were 4 final design options with some minor differences for the client to choose from, shown below: 
They decided to go with #1 from the group, which to be honest was my favorite as well. 
This was a great project and it was tons of fun to do a little straight graphic design.  Sometimes I get so into working on illustration and formatting that I forget how enjoyable it is to jump in and do simple logo designing. I love working with clients to find a design we can both be happy with and the challenges that come with the process. In my next post I'll throw some illustrations up so you can see some of the drawing work I've done lately. Till then I hope you liked looking into the process for this one, see you next time!